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COMPETE Competitive Intelligence Methodology: What it is and what levels compose it

  • 2016-03-17
  • R&D

IK4-IDEKO, after years of experience implementing different Competitive Intelligence systems in several companies, created and registered a methodology by which established a process for systematic implementation of Competitive Intelligence systems in industrial environments. This methodology is not only created from the experience of IK4-IDEKO technology center in this type of project, but also based on the analysis of the state of the art references related to Competitive Intelligence.

COMPETE Competitive Intelligence Methodology: What it is and what levels compose it

Once this methodology (called COMPETE) was defined and registered, IK4-IDEKO has relied on it to deploy multiple Competitive Intelligence systems in multiple companies.

For all industrial contexts in which has been implemented so far, a model of Competitive Intelligence that proposes three levels of action has been used: the strategic level, which states the purpose of the model, the tactical level, which defines the organizational structure, process steps, methods and techniques and finally the operational level, which provides tools and information sources necessary to carry out the Competitive Intelligence systematic.

Two questions have to be answered at each of these three levels. At the strategic level what for the system is implemented and for whom is oriented must be defined. That is, you must define the ultimate goal of the system and its internal customers. At the tactical-organizational level who will participate in the system and how they will do it have to be defined. That is, define the role each person will play in the system so that it works correctly. Finally, the operating-technological level will answer questions such as where and how information will be sought and collected by the analyst and where and how the information will be checked by the reader.

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