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INNGUMA integral platform of Competitive Intelligence improves your user experience. Do you want to travel with us?

A few weeks ago we told you about the constitution of INNGUMA as a new company, linked to a continuous commitment to improving user experience, usability and training. Now the time has come to explain to you what the main transformations we are about to experience are all about.

INNGUMA improves your user experience  Do you want to travel with us?


With the aim of making our technology watch tool more accessible and intuitive, we have launched an interactive tour which takes you on a step-by-step journey through the INNGUMA software.


With a base more than 5000 users, we can´t waste a moment on continuing our work to perfect our competitive intelligence system, and the new direction that we have taken has led to the creation of an interactive journey that seeks to improve your user experience.

For this, we have created a virtual tour that demonstrates the functioning of the software in four simple steps with all the options and functionalities that make up the platform.

The tour starts with a brief description of the platform, which shows you the tool´s basic concepts that you will be working with later: alerts, information source tree, folders, etc.

Continuing with the tour, and after a quick view of the header where the main system options are located, we automatically progress through the different sections of INNGUMA, where you will be able to find out, first hand, what your working environment will look like.

But that´s not all. As a complement to this tour, we have prepared a new, more complete and intuitive user manual, to resolve all those queries that you may have while using the software.

The manual contains all the data, information and advice for use necessary for you to move around the INNGUMA platform with all the facilities. It also offers you more visual content and is separated into levels depending on your user profile. Our intention is that you find INNGUMA straightforward and quick to use, so there is also a frequently asked question section.

Our aim is clear: to improve your experience with the tool and put all the information that you may need within your reach.

If you are already a user, don´t miss out on our latest innovations and if you´re not, don´t waste another minute in requesting a DEMO and you can test INNGUMA free for 30 days.