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INNGUMA in SCIP European Summit in Madrid 2015

On 4th and 5th November it took place in Madrid the “Game Changers” conference organized by SCIP (Strategic and competitive Intelligence Professionals). INNGUMA played an important role presenting a paper entitled “Analysis of Relevant Factors in Competitive Intelligence”. Paper based on a case study published in the scientific journal impact index “El profesional de la información, v. 24, n. 3, pp. 310- 319”. You can download the article in: (

INNGUMA in SCIP European Summit in Madrid 2015

The event was attended by over 300 professionals from European and International companies related to the activity of Business, Market and Competitive Intelligence. Although the event took place in Madrid should be noted that very few Spanish companies as listeners, nevertheless, there was a large group of Spanish companies participating as speakers, mostly related to products and services in the field of Competitive Intelligence. It is very important to follow in the way of transmission of the advantages and benefits of performing the Competitive Intelligence in Spanish companies following the example of the international companies.

As for the papers we would like to highlight the most relevant ones:

  • The Reinvention of Competition (Yuri Van Geest). The author of “Exponential Organizations” made a presentation based on his book where he talks about the importance of 10tecnhologies that will change the business models of many companies in the future. See in en During his talk he also spoke about the importance of the “Data – Roadmap” performing in the business where we will visualize the data we will monitorize in the future to guide and enhance our business.
  • New Intelligence Approach Driving Change al Volvo (Andreas Strasser – Volvo). Interesting presentation about Volvo’s Competitive Intelligence Unit case which goes from being a reactive and specialized unit to become an active and generalist unit, being currently, fundamental in the strategic and operational decision making. In this new framework it has been a redefinition of the tasks and products derived from the Competitive Intelligence with a clear benefit of business. The improvement process has also brought the introduction of a Competitive Intelligence Software.
  • Creating the Intelligence Organization (Troy Pfeffer – Cintas). The director of competitive Intelligence made a presentation on how to establish a Competitive Intelligence network to be used from a tactical and operational level. He gave some advice on how to create and maintain the analyst network over time as well as to make the leap between “produce” intelligence and “use” intelligence. 


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