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Our favorite macroeconomic sources

When talking about Competitive Intelligence, monitoring sources of macroeconomic data is often left in the background, as the information provided is sometimes too far from the scope of work of the organizations. Still, it´s interesting (and sometimes necessary) to monitor these sources as they can provide very important information that helps making strategic decisions, such as opening new markets, relocation of production, changes in providers, etc. We present our favorite macroeconomic information sources:

Our favorite macroeconomic sources

Financial entities:

Centre for Studies of La Caixa, offers information of great interest on Spanish economy, european and international. In the "key issues" section offers interesting information about current issues and in the area of "publications" offers interesting papers on various areas of the economy.

BBVA Research is another major macroeconomic data repository where information can be found by region, in addition to its known classification EAGLEs ("Emerging and Growth-Leading Economies" - countries that grow above the G6) and NEST (countries whose growth will be less than G6 average, but higher than Italy, less growth member of that group).

Although some areas of the website are private, lots of interesting information on European and global economy can be found, as well as analysis reports from different countries.

International financial agencies:

We like information sources such as European Central Bank (, International Monetary Fund (, World Trade Organization (, World Bank (, European Commission ( or Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development - OECD (

Economic press

In this section we detail our favorite economic newspapers:

Stock market:

Stock Exchange is another interesting source of macroeconomic information. The most interesting are:


These are some of our favorite macroeconomic information sources, but we know more. If you need us to help you implement your surveillance, you can contact us. Also, you can try a free professional software like INNGUMA requesting a demo.