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Useful and free programs for a Competitive Intelligence Analyst´s daily activity

Nowadays, with the exponential growth of internet, there is huge quantity of information available online. Having a specific Competitive Intelligence tool like INNGUMA is helpful for the CI analysts, but there are other useful tools that help working with the received information and that every analyst should know:

Useful and free programs for a Competitive Intelligence Analysts daily activity

Programs forcapturingmedia content:

“Downloadhelper”: Add-on for Firefox that allows downloading streaming format videos from almost any page. It is easy to install and puts a button on the address bar that is activated each time that detects a downloadable video.

“aTubeCatcher”: In addition to downloading videos from different social networks, it allows converting from one format to another. It can be downloaded here:

“Screenhunter”: Program to make screen prints from the entire screen or from certain areas of the screen. It occupies little memory (12 Mb) and consumes few resources, so it can be left in “stand-by” mode and use it when necessary. Permite realizar capturas de pantalla o de zonas concretas de forma rápida y sencilla. It’s free version can be downloaded here:

Programs for working with archives:

Open Office: Free office suite. It allows generating and working with text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, diagrams and pictures, etc. It can be downloaded here:

 “Pdf Sam”: Pdf archive editor. It allows dividing a pdf archive into different or merging archives into one. It can be downloaded here:

“7-Zip”: Specially indicated for generating and opening .zip archives, for decreasing size and grouping them into one archive. It can be downloaded here here:

“IZArc”: In addition to .zip archives, it allows working with many other compression types (.rar, .gz, .cab, .bz2, etc.). It can be downloaded at


“RSS Icon in URL bar” (Firefox) or “RSS subscription extension (by Google)” (Chrome): They are small add-ons that can be installed on the browser and detect when a webpage has a RSS cannel, showing an icon in the URL bar.

 “Adblock plus” (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Android e Internet Explorer): Add-on for blocking the ads in web pages, avoiding the ads to be charged and making the reading of the page more confortable.


If you want to launch a CI Unit in your organization and need help, you can contact us. Also, you can try professional software like INNGUMA for free requesting a demo.