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Versión 2.5 of INNGUMA is already running!

Today, we have implemented the 2.5 version of INNGUMA for users of all versions of INNGUMA. This new version brings a complete facelift of INNGUMA, plus new features that can be really useful:

Versión 2.5 of INNGUMA is already running!
  • We have changed the display of the alerts for quick and easy reading. The new look will be more clean and intuitive, and allows each user to configure certain aspects to fit his screen.
  • We have implemented the functionality to export alerts from any of the views, so that each user can create files with full information received from his sources.
  • Information sources can be disabled, so they are stored in the system but do not generate alerts.
  • We have moved functions to the context menu in the source tree, so that the implementation of many actions takes fewer steps.
  • The header of the source view is fixed, so user knows at each moment what is being displayed.

With all these improvements we intend to significantly increase the usability of INNGUMA and reduce the time required by analysts to consume all the information.

If you are a user login to INNGUMA to appreciate the improvements and if you´re not, ask for a free DEMO and try INNGUMA for 15 days!