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What are the benefits of applying Competitive Intelligence to the Technological Roadmapping?

The Roadmapping is a tool to support strategy thinking that represents a time horizon of current and future products or services of a company and the difference options of technological expertise that can be developed or acquired in the future. These concepts must be aligned with the market needs and strategic challenges that drive them. Competitive Intelligence is an extremely important input when facing the realization of a Roadmap and this article will explain the relationship between them.

What are the benefits of applying Competitive Intelligence to the Technological Roadmapping?

When it comes to define a Technological Roadmap, the workshops for the correct definition of the Roadmap are distributed according to the layers the future Roadmap will have, usually referred to the Market, Product and Technology layers. With these inputs, the Technology Roadmap is built, by which the future developments of the company will be oriented.

It is in the preparation of these workshops where the use of the Competitive Intelligence becomes relevant to count on with quality inputs. For example, in the case of the Market layer, we must identify market and business drivers, i.e., those factors that are valued by the market, or, on the contrary, limit and restrict it. Examples of these drivers can be client motivation, the price or more technological aspects, such as the cutting speed of a machine. Identifying the objectives to be achieved in this layer requires knowledge of the market and competitors’ product, for which is essential to have a professional Competitive Intelligence System that had captured this information to meet both current values and the evolution of these attributes over time.

In the Product layer the specifications one is able to develop and the market needs are aligned; in Technology layer, the technical aspects to consider to achieve these specifications are developed and in the Project layer, specific projects that will lead to reaching the technical needs.

In summary, for the development of a Technology Roadmap, it is essential the prior knowledge of the requirements and the evolution of the market, of the requested Products and of past and future Technologies that affect your business. And to have this updated information is completely necessary to have an active and efficient Competitive Intelligence System.

If you want to see the benefits CI can bring to your Roadmapping process, or are thinking of starting a CI Unit within your organization, you can contact us for assistance. Also, you can try a professional tool like INNGUMA requesting a free demo.