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What are the tasks and profile of a Competitive Intelligence Analyst?

Anyone can engage in the work of Competitive Intelligence Analyst, but there are profiles that are more suitable than others. In this article we analyze what are the tasks that a CI Analyst has to perform and what features are most suited to this profile.

What are the tasks and profile of a Competitive Intelligence Analyst?

Our Competitive Intelligence definition is “an ethical, systematic and collaborative process, supported by specific tools for obtaining, analysing distributing and interpreting relevant information about a competitive environment that is transmitted to the executive of an organisation in order to generate an ideal context for taking decisions.” And a CI Analyst is a professional responsible of “Search, Analysis and Diffusion of INFORMATION, aimed at facilitating the TAKING OF DECISIONS”.

Among his tasks will be the following:

1. Define information monitoring strategies.
2. Regular monitoring of the received information.
3. Provide his "know-how" in the relevant information and turn it into intelligence.
4. Transfer the intelligence to people who make decisions

In our case, this whole routine is supported in a significant part by the INNGUMA software in its different versions and makes work easier as the number of available sources grows.

And what features should a CI Analyst have?

An analyst must be methodical in his work, with a desire for continuous improvement and technical knowledge of the specific topics that will pursue. In addition, he must have analytical skills and ability to put all the received information into context.

Finally, he must be able to adapt to changes. The growth of the web, that every day provides more and more information, both in number and importance, and the emergence of new ways of interacting with the environment forces to be constantly alert and updated regarding new technologies.

If you want to train as a CI Analyst, or have doubts about how to launch a CI unit, you can contact us for help. Also, you can try a free professional software like INNGUMA requesting a demo.