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What do you have to require your CI software vendor?

Choosing a provider for your Competitive Intelligence software is a decision that can generate many doubts; there are many options on the market and, at times, may seem similar. However, if you don’t want later surprises, there are aspects to consider when choosing a provider, such as the following:

What do you have to require your CI software vendor?

Support - Quick response to incidents and doubts that may arise

No matter how well made software is there may be problems in some of its features or plugins. A quick response in these cases is essential as when our tool fails the world does not stop and the information keeps being generated. It is therefore important that the provider attends notices or claims and fixes problems soon. It must also be willing to clarify any doubts that may arise regarding the operation of the tool, leading the technical aspects understandable to the client’s level.

Updates - Enhancements and new features continuously

Software that does not evolve is software likely to die. The disciplines used on a CI tool (such as Big Data, text mining, semantic analysis, etc.) are fields that are constantly evolving, so that developments become obsolete soon. Knowing the state of the art of these disciplines and having its own development team are essential to maintaining a competitive and adequate to modern requirements tool.

Maintenance - Performing invisible tasks to improve system performance

A CI tool has to generate a lot of content, the databases are filled, and the more users generate more traffic ... Therefore, the preventive maintenance tasks that are invisible to the user, are essential for the system to maintain fluency.

Accessibility - Continuous access the system without server crashes

Whether it is a cloud based solution as if it is in the client server, the CI tool must be always accessible. There must be the necessary mechanisms so that if the server falls, it has alternatives until the problem is solved.

Suggestions - Acceptance of suggestions for improvement and the development of new features

A good provider should have a product roadmap with its development in the short, medium and long term, but should also be open to the needs and suggestions of its customers. Therefore, the provider should consider the submitted proposals, although it may not always carry them out.

Customization - Being able to customize the tool to the client’s needs

Each organization has its own needs, so one solution is not always adequate for everyone. Therefore, the supplier must be open to make changes to the tool to meet customer requirements, both aesthetically and functionality.

If your provider does not provide you all these services, perhaps you should think about changing. If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will help you. Also, you can try a professional software like INNGUMA for free requesting a demo.