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Which version of INNGUMA fits better to your needs?

INNGUMA is an initiative that arises from the objective of putting competitive intelligence within the reach of any entity. There are different technology watch tools on the market, but they offer closed systems at considerable costs; INNGUMA pretends that, thanks to its different versions and scalability, any organisation (independently of its size, sector, competitive position, or resources) can monitor its environment and detect the opportunities and threats that are continuously appearing.

INNGUMA is an initiative launched from the technology centre IK4-IDEKO that has proven experience in the field of competitive intelligence. Fruit of the activity carried out over the last 15 years, a competitive intelligence and technological surveillance tool has been created with cutting edge functions but reduced costs.

Which version of INNGUMA fits better to your needs?

INNGUMA adapts to the needs of any organisation, thanks to its different versions:



All the potential of INNGUMA within everybody´s reach. Thanks to its agents and filters, you can capture, classify and store a large amount of information with minimum effort.

INNGUMA Basic is the ideal form for starting in competitive intelligence, both for individual analysts as for networks of analysts.

Aimed at micro and small companies that already have a repository or at any organisation those, for a reduced price, want to start in technological surveillance.



INNGUMA Business is the ideal option for SMEs, associations and work teams that require a collaborative network and a space to store the content.

In addition to analyst users, you will have a library where any person from your organisation can have access to use the content.

You can automatically generate bulletins for your readers and promote the use of the tool. In addition, you will have the reports that allow controlling all that occurs in the environment.

 This version covers the entire intelligence cycle, therefore it is the ideal solution for any organisation that is decided to carry out this activity and needs a complete tool.



 INNGUMA Corporate will allow you to have your own personalised tool: your own portal, capable of managing multimedia content and adapted to your corporate image, personalised databases...

We design a customised project where you mark the limits and we accompany you during the definition, the design and the launching of the platform.

You can have all the analysts and readers you want, we help you design a collaborative network and we train your team in the use of the tool.


Likewise, we offer a series of complementary services like implantations of competitive intelligence units, personalised training, packets of sources, etc.

If you have any doubts about the version that best adapts to your needs, or you want a demo (visit or on-line), please contact us.