Competitive Intelligence

INNGUMA, a key ally in the certification of R&D&I management systems

The IK4-IDEKO technology centre has recently obtained the UNE 166.002 certification that verifies the quality of its R&D&I system. INNGUMA has performed a key role in the process of obtaining this accreditation, which is one of the requirements that all the technology centres of the Basque Network for Science Technology and Innovation (RVCTI) must meet by 2020.

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How INNGUMA helps to manage the regulation UNE 166.002

The INNGUMA Technology Watch integrated platform will support the Arrasate IK4-IKERLAN technology centre in its compliance with standard 166.002, to which the centre was certified in 2017. The technology centre that specialises in industrial digitalisation has integrated the INNGUMA platform as a tool within its strategy for optimising technological research, development and innovation processes.

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7 keys to choose competitive intelligence software

We often hear views that relegate software to a secondary role in a Competitive Intelligence System of organisations. While it is true that a CI System must be supported by an appropriate strategy, a rational selection of people, a process adapted to the dynamics of the organisation and leadership and resources as driving forces behind a successful system, software also plays a crucial role. So much so that a good or bad choice can be key to the success or failure of the project.

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