Competitive Intelligence

But what is Competitive Intelligence?

There are many occasions where CI professionals have to explain what Competitive Intelligence is.

In INNGUMA, we understand the CI as “an ethic, systematic and collaborative process, supported by specific tools, of collection, analysis, dissemination and interpretation of relevant information about the competitive environment, which is transmitted to the responsible bodies in the organization to generate an ideal context for decision-making.

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INNGUMA: Competitive intelligence and monitoring tool

INNGUMA is an initiative that arises from the objective of putting competitive intelligence within the reach of any entity. There are different technology watch tools on the market, but they offer closed systems at considerable costs; INNGUMA pretends that, thanks to its different versions and scalability, any organisation (independently of its size, sector, competitive position, or resources) can monitor its environment and detect the opportunities and threats that are continuously appearing.

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