New INNGUMA source index

This week we are pleased to announce the release of a feature in which we have been working in recent months. The information sources index is a database with contrasted, classified and characterized sources that offers very interesting information on various technologies, sectors or themes.

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Which version of INNGUMA fits better to your needs?

INNGUMA is an initiative that arises from the objective of putting competitive intelligence within the reach of any entity. There are different technology watch tools on the market, but they offer closed systems at considerable costs; INNGUMA pretends that, thanks to its different versions and scalability, any organisation (independently of its size, sector, competitive position, or resources) can monitor its environment and detect the opportunities and threats that are continuously appearing.

INNGUMA is an initiative launched from the technology centre IK4-IDEKO that has proven experience in the field of competitive intelligence. Fruit of the activity carried out over the last 15 years, a competitive intelligence and technological surveillance tool has been created with cutting edge functions but reduced costs.

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INNGUMA will be at SCIP European Summit 2015

We are pleased to announce that INNGUMA will be present at the most important Competitive Intelligence congress in Europe that will be held in Madrid from 3 to 5 of November. Our colleague Ander Azkarate will give a speech about the factors to consider when launching a CI Unit.

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INNGUMA collaborates with Deusto University

INNGUMA has reached an agreement with the Engineering College of Deusto University to participate in the academic training of students of Industrial Engineering Master. Thanks to this agreement, the students of “Business Strategy and Innovation” will have access to basic knowledge of the Competitive Intelligence activity.

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