INNGUMA a fundamental tool in the FOCUS Project



The goals of the FOCUS project is to develop a method for clustering and supporting the study of exploitation of results of PPP FoF projects funded by the European Commission in the framework program H2020. 

This method will be established by observation and study of six clusters around the following areas:

  • 4DMZ
  • Robotics
  • Clean Factory
  • High precision machining
  • Maintenance &Support
  • Additive Manufacturing

INNGUMA has been used in two different phases at the FOCUS project:

  • We used Innguma to activate a Technology Watch process at each cluster. The Technology Watch aimed at making all involved cluster partners aware of the state-of-the art and continuously updating them on the progress beyond. Moreover, the Technology Watch has informed the European manufacturing industry constantly while also formulating (with support from cluster specific top-ranked experts) the future FoF priorities based upon jointly identified business trends and market prospects (“As-is”). Thanks to INNGUMA experts from each cluster performed a Roadmap with top ranked specific topics for future FoF priorities. The Technology Watch is available for the public audience and it is accessible at More than 1000 items has been published. (Articles, doctoral thesis, EU-Projects, Market Trends, Technologies, etc)


  • INNGUMA has been selected as a fundamental tool to be applied during the assessment of the exploitability of a EU R&D Project. Innguma is part of EXPLOITT, a special methodology which helps EU R&D Projects to drive strategies and actions for fine- tuning technology development of a future effective industrial exploitation and take up of the results generates under the projects. 

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