New INNGUMA source index



This week we are pleased to announce the release of a feature in which we have been working in recent months. The information sources index is a database with contrasted, classified and characterized sources that offers very interesting information on various technologies, sectors or themes.

To develop the catalog we have studied the state of the art concerned with the classification of information sources, we have evaluated different methodologies and we have chosen the most appropriate for the case of INNGUMA. In addition, we have compiled over 2000 sources of information (in Spanish and English) of contrasted content, we have characterized for easy search and selection and we have built a simple and intuitive interface.

We hope that with this new feature we help INNGUMA users to improve the quality of information they receive and discover new strategies for surveillance.

If you are thinking of launching an initiative in the field of CI in your organization and need advice, you can contact us. Also, you can try a free professional software as INNGUMA requesting a demo.


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