Processing 24/7/365

Critical alerts that impact business can come at any time, so make sure you have up-to-date information from critical sources.

You won’t miss a thing

Let Innguma search for key information on all websites or databases of interest to the company.
Avisos instantáneos

Instant alerts

Receive instant alerts in your inbox.


Share alerts with the right people or your social networks.
Vigila todo lo que quieras

Keep a watch on anything

Include as many sources as you need and apply as many filters as you need; constant development of the software allows you to tap new sources of information.
Almacenamiento Ilimitado

Unlimited storage

You’ll be able to store all the information you want over the years, without worrying about the space it takes up.
Proceso constante

Constant processing

Don’t restrict your search interests to the capabilities of the software, we process over 500,000 alerts per day

No limits

Surveillance knows no boundaries as key information can be anywhere. Make the most of state-of-the-art technology to implement Competitive Intelligence.

Optimise the Technology watch process

Essential to improve the decision-making process with more reliability and certainty. Improve results in all areas of the company, find out who can benefit
Provide technical staff with access to multiple data sources to maintain control over new developments, patents or emerging technologies. Integration with scientific databases.
Watch your competitors by monitoring their websites, social media. Product launches, partnerships or events will be under your control.
Find leads, stay up-to-date on key accounts, improve customer relationships or find bids instantly.
Deliver a fact-based market view, as well as an outlook on short- and long-term technology, industry or consumer trends. Strategy
Keep an eye on forces that may influence local and international regulatory changes, automate the search for official state gazettes to get target results instantly.
Monitor official websites that provide information about cyberattacks or data leaks. Control illegal pages and instabilities.



Health and insurances














Technology and Research centres


Adapted to multiple needs

Targeted information by Intelligence does not understand about borders or sectors. Below are some sectors that have already reaped the benefits of Competitive Intelligence and Surveillance.

Digital transformation

Intelligence and Surveillance started to take shape in a more structured way in Kutxabank when a team with target studies and knowledge of external sources joined the group and enabled the development of new capabilities in the group. In the 6 years they have been working with Innguma, they have extended surveillance to more than 16 departments.

Iker Arteagabeitia | Director financiero Grupo Kutxabank