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INNGUMA is a software for Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence that supports decision-making based on automated collected information, and analysed by company experts. Share relevant information with the right person at the right time.

Trusted by leading brands

Scalable and adaptable to the requirements at any given time

Size doesn’t matter, start small and adjust the software as your needs change.

Immediate access

In less than 24 hours your Competitive Intelligence platform is functional, completely adapted and configured to your search interests.
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Technological Observatory.

It addresses industrial and competitive challenges in research and development of technology with leading international benchmarks. See use case

Corporate strategy.

98 cooperatives on 5 continents benefit from the group’s strategic watch. See use case
Angulas Aguinaga

Leadership and Product Innovation.

Commitment to innovation in product and market development in the food sector. See use case

Global market.

Focus on innovation and development of railway solutions in a global market. See use case

Digital transformation.

Commitment to addressing global and security challenges in the digital age. See use case

Opportunities are within your reach

Competitive Intelligence and Surveillance is applicable to your sector. Get a competitive advantage and make searching, synthesising and disseminating information more efficient.

Technology without limits

Learn about the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied in all processes of Competitive Intelligence: capturing, filtering and dissemination. Optimise processes and performance times.

Plans and prices


INNGUMA Business is the ideal option to start with Competitive Intelligence for organisations that require a collaborative network and a space to store content, accessible to all members of the organisation.
Minimum 3 users


INNGUMA Corporate enables you to have your own custom tool: your own portal, capable of managing multimedia content adapted to your corporate image.

Last News

Competitive Intelligence

INNGUMA, a key ally in the certification of R&D&I management systems

The IK4-IDEKO technology centre has recently obtained the UNE 166.002 certification that verifies the quality of its R&D&I system. INNGUMA has performed a key role in the process of obtaining this accreditation, which is one of the requirements that all the technology centres of the Basque Network for Science Technology and Innovation (RVCTI) must meet by 2020.

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