COMPETE Competitive Intelligence Methodology: What it is and what levels compose it

IK4-IDEKO, after years of experience implementing different Competitive Intelligence systems in several companies, created and registered a methodology by which established a process for systematic implementation of Competitive Intelligence systems in industrial environments. This methodology is not only created from the experience of IK4-IDEKO technology center in this type of project, but also based on the analysis of the state of the art references related to Competitive Intelligence.

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Competitive Intelligence in IK4-Ideko Technology Centre

IK4-Ideko is a manufacturing technologies and industrial production specialized Technology Centre. Since its condition as a Technology Centre by the Basque Science and Technology Network, it is dedicated to generate, capture and develop new knowledge capable of responding to current challenges and offer advanced solutions to improve capabilities and increase the competitiveness of its clients in different industry fields. This article explains how Competitive Intelligence is oriented in IK4-Ideko.

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How to integrate Competitive Intelligence into the Innovation process

The key to success of an innovation does not lie so much in the availability of the technology, but in defining and providing direction to the technological change process. The true advantage that the company has is its capacity to recognise signals from the environment that alert it to threats and opportunities and to know how to interpret these signals so it can later define a strategy, acquire or generate the knowledge and technological resources that it needs, implement the technology chosen to realise the change and, finally, learn from this experience.

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