INNGUMA, a key ally in the certification of R&D&I management systems



The IK4-IDEKO technology centre has recently obtained the UNE 166.002 certification that verifies the quality of its R&D&I system. INNGUMA has performed a key role in the process of obtaining this accreditation, which is one of the requirements that all the technology centres of the Basque Network for Science Technology and Innovation (RVCTI) must meet by 2020.

Our technology watch tool has been one of the fundamental pillars for the creation of the intelligence system designed by the research body, which has been recognised by the auditors who have verified the IK4-IDEKO model during the certification process.


INNGUMA has provided the technology centre with support to the flow of technology watch critical factors, has helped to define the system and management within the organisation and has contributed to the capture, processing, storage and distribution of the information.


With benefits such as the capability to monitor competitive environments and the optimisation of technological research, development and innovation processes, our platform has contributed to orientating the efforts of IK4-IDEKO´s R&D to the real needs of industry.


INNGUMA has supported the centre in monitoring different areas of the competitive environment, such as technological excellence, industrial property, scientific-technological developments, macroeconomic movements and the demands of the leading sectors, as well as in the development of its technology roadmaps.


The certification, which IK4-IDEKO has used to validate the definition of the R&D&I operating processes in aspects such as the management of ideas, the development of projects and the protection and exploitation of the results, confirms the robustness of its management and transfer model.


The obtaining of the UNE 166.002 certificate confirms that the management models have strategic vision, consider the achievement of specific objectives, have sufficient resources and count on a technology watch tool. For all these reasons, the centres that want to obtain this accreditation will find a great ally in INNGUMA.


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