The UNE 166002 standard in the Cooperative Research Centres (CIC)



We have spent several years listening to the experts in the energy sector talk about new more sustainable forms of production, on the exorbitant consumption in the more "developed" countries and the ways that we have to store this energy.

Specifically, it is in this energy storage sector where the Alternative Energy Cooperative Research Centre Foundation  CIC energiGUNE Fundazioa puts its efforts. Its main mission is to play a leadership role in the international scientific programme and focus on basic research into materials and systems geared towards storage applications. One of its objectives is the generation of knowledge in this field which can be subsequently transferred to the Basque company. With this firm conviction, the centre has decided to count on the assistance of INNGUMA to optimise its technology research, development and innovation processes so it can continue to be in the forefront of the international scene.

With the aid of the Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch system, the Basque centre will comply with standard UNE 166002:2014 which accredits the quality of its R&D&I Management System. Moreover, obtaining the certificate means the centre complies with the requirements established by the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation (RVCTI) as explained by Raquel Ferret and Beatriz Corralof the Business Development team.

Among other aspects, INNGUMA has helped CIC energiGUNE to confirm its robustness in the processes relating to the management of R&D&i, from the management of ideas up to the exploitation of results. The achievement of the certification confirms the management models have strategic vision, sufficient resources and consider the attainment of specific objectives.

Thus, from INNGUMA,  we offer support to the flow of critical technology watch factors, we help to define a system and contribute to capturing, processing, storing and distributing the information in a structured and simple way throughout the organisation.

We have confidence in INNGUMA being the best ally for the centre in continuing its work to achieve its objectives as it has done up until now. 


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